CEO Greetings

Whenever Our Customers Are Needed

Kwang Dong Co., Ltd has strived to be the pioneer in the plastic packaging manufacture industry since its foundation in 1998. Keeping the slogan "Whenever our customers need it!" in mind, all our employees are devoting their time and energy for research, development, and production to achieve this goal. To make improvements on the existing logistical packaging and paper product, solve the highly controversial environmental problems they bring, and to reduce logistics costs, we focus ourselves mainly on the development of the reusable, economical, and eco-friendly RETURNABLE PACKING product. Kwang Dong Co., Ltd seeks to realize the safety of trades and cost reduction through working with domestic and overseas enterprises with an open mind. We promise to lead the industry with ongoing research and development of innovative products in order to further strengthen our client's competitive advantages.

Iksu Jang, CEO of KWANG DONG Co., Ltd.