Sleeve cap / Pallet Production

Blower Extrusion Machine
  • - Used for production of sleeve pack pallet and cap
  • - Altogether 3 blower machines using HDPE material, self-production of sleeve pack pallet and cap.
Cutting Machine
  • - Used for cutting sleeve body (11.5T thickness) in exact sizes

Edge Sealing Machine
  • - Used for sealing edges with heat fusion technology
  • - Sealing edges to prevent penetration of water, makes washing and managing easier
Semiautomatic Printer
  • - Machine for printing sleeve pack product

Bender Machine
  • - Used for folding sheets into boxes
Fusing Machine
  • - Used for welding two sleeve sheets with heat fusion technology

Half-Cut Machine
  • - Used for automatic half-cutting of danpla boxes
V Bender Machine
  • - Used for bending folded parts of danpla boxes