Danpla Sheet

Danpla Sheet Danpla Sheet Features
- Plastic carbon board made with compression molding method using polypropylene (PP) resin
- Lighter than paper, has better waterproofing, oil-proofing, and tolerability, lasting elasticity, insulation, and soundproof.
- Can be custom made (electrically conductive sheet production)
- Offers strong protection against humidity. Optimal for content protection and transportation.
- Can efficiently reduce cost by recovery and reusing the product
- Has long lifespan. Light.
- Diverse danpla colors to choose from. Can insert printing of choice.
- Offers effective product protection
- Widely used for heavy goods packaging, construction material, and shock-absorbing material.
- Maximum width 2800mm, minimum thickness 2mm~12mm, possible for domestic production.

The Use of Danpla Sheet
- Any use that is possible for paper box
- For packaging of any product, such as extruded plastic and clothing, that is not classified under heavy weight products.