Moving Box (Type A Box)

Moving Box (Type A Box) Moving Box (Type A Box) Features
- Significantly lighter than paper box
- Better protection against water, long-lasting
- Can be folded when not being used, save spaces
- Can attach Velcro above as an option for convenience
- Can be further strengthened by adding filament tape on the corner
- Basic box product that can be used for anything that uses paper box
- Extruded plastic, clothes, moving...packaging and transportation of anything in daily life is possible depending on the thickness of the box product
- Below are the ready-made products in storage. You can order in small quantity and receive the product as soon as possible.
- Attach Velcro (optional)
- Filament tape (basic)
The Use of Moving Box (Type A Box)
- Any use that is possible for paper box
- For packaging of any product, such as extruded plastic and clothing, that is not classified under heavy weight products.